• 101Astrobiology , David C. Catling (2013)
    Astrobiology is the study of the origin and development of life on this and other planets. What fascinates people about astrobiology is that it seeks answers to long-standing unsolved questions: How… 657 руб

  • 10261 Hours , Lee Child (2010)
    Featuring Jack Reacher, hero of the new blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise. GET READY FOR THE MOST EXCITING COUNT-DOWN OF YOUR LIFE. HOUR SIXTY-ONE: Icy winter in South Dakota. A bus skids and… 609 руб

  • 103American History , Paul S. Boyer (2012)
    This brief history of America will span the earliest migrations to the present, reflecting Paul S. Boyer's interests in social, intellectual, and cultural history, including popular culture and… 493 руб

  • 104The Most Beautiful Villages of Ireland , Christopher Fitz-Simon (2011)
    Clusters of white cottages huddled between hills of an unbelievably rich green, villages of a single street, dazzling in their array of colour washes and picturesque shop-fronts such are the villages… 2219 руб

  • 105The Monkey's Paw (+ Audio CD) , Mowat Diane (2007)
    Outside, the night is cold and wet. Inside, the White family sits and waits. Where is their visitor? There is a knock at the door. A man is standing outside in the dark. Their visitor has arrived… 591 руб

  • 106The President's Murderer (+ Audio CD) , Bassett Jennifer (2007)
    The President is dead! A man is running in the night. He is afraid and needs to rest. But there are people behind him - people with lights, and dogs, and guns. A man is standing in front of a desk… 591 руб

  • 107Tales of Mystery and Imagination (+ Audio CD) , Edgar Allan Poe (2009)
    The human mind is a dark, bottomless pit, and sometimes it works in strange and frightening ways. That sound in the night... is it a door banging in the wind, or a murdered man knocking inside his… 619 руб

  • 108Activity Packs for Young Learners: Movers Pupil's Pack (комплект из 2 книг) , Andrea Harries (2005)
    Designed for use by children in their second year of English, this activity pack contains 40 activities, divided into 11 topics including family and home, the body, health and ability, describing… 1479 руб

  • 109Activity Packs for Young Learners: Flyers - Pupil's Pack (комплект из 2 книг) , Andrea Harries (2005)
    Designed for use by children in their third year of English, this activity pack contains 44 activities, divided into 11 topics including holidays and travel, the natural world, school and timetables… 938 руб

  • 110Macroeconomics. 11 Edition , Dornbusch Rudiger (2011)
    Dornbusch, Fischer, and Startz has been a long-standing, leading intermediate macroeconomic theory text since its introduction in 1978. This revision retains most of the text's traditional features… 4569 руб